Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ironman weekend

On Friday Ryan golfed in the St. Cloud Hospital Golf outing with Jim, Jim, and Brody. We did not win but we finished 7 strokes under par. We survived the rain and it was my lucky day, the bar had the seasonal New Belgium product "Hoptober" on tap!
On Saturday we went to Madison, WI to watch the Ford Ironman. Hagen finished the race in a little over 14 hours. GREAT WORK! It was very inspiring to see people from all 'walks of life' swim the 2.4 miles, bike the 112 miles, and then run a full marathon (26.2 miles).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend fun

This weekend Mollie and I went to the State Fair, her uncle Rick's cabin, and got Direct TV!!! On Friday night we met my family at the state fair and did what most fair goers do, EAT. We had a rhubarb/strawberry malt, cheese curds, a corn dog, cookies and milk and I sampled Bacon on a Stick.

On Saturday we treked up to Rick's cabin with Mollie's family and enjoyed a pontoon ride, dinner and a fire with Mollie's favorite, S'Mores. On Sunday, after a nice run (12 miles for Rick and 8 for Ryan) we enjoyed Rick's mexican eggs (they were great!) and Mollie's watermelon. Then we went fishing and Mollie caught a whopper (note the picture).

We drove home around 5 pm just in time to judge a pie contest between Mollie's Dad (Barney) and the neighbor, Gayle. Here is where it gets interesting: I was chatting outside while the voting was taking place and I was judge number 5. The count was tied 2 to 2 and I was the deciding judge. After some encouraging from Barney, "You better pick mine!" I made my decision - Barney won by one vote.

Monday we worked around the house and the direct TV installation person came over to install the dish. Then Peater and I fished a little on the mighty Mississippi (Peater caught a northern) and we enjoyed a meal of organic steaks on the grill.

Wow, what a great weekend!!