Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Celebration

What a week of baby fun~

On Wednesday night Ryan's department at work threw a "baby celebration" for the four couples expecting babies in the near future. Ryan and Alan, the expectant fathers, had to participate in a skills set that included changing a diaper, swaddling a baby, and then drinking [beer] from a baby's bottle. We're not really sure who won (definitely NOT the babies) but the guys had us in stitches when Ryan used parmesan cheese and hot pepper for baby powder (applying it to baby's bum) and Alan swaddled the baby like it was a Chipotle burrito! While Ryan was trying to drink from the bottle as a baby would, Alan simply popped the top and chugged it down. They are going to make great fathers...

On Thursday we picked up our stroller from Fitzharris: the BOB Revolution. Ryan's been checking out jogging strollers and bike trailers since the week we found out we were having a baby. I tell people he's all about the accessories! I'm watching him play with all of the moving parts as I type this blog. He's practicing with the car seat attachment right now (I've now been instructed in the proper mechanics for putting in and taking out the car seat). Apparently it has great maneuverability as it "turns on a dime!"

We had a nice time last Friday at cousin Jessie's wedding. It was nice to see family and friends and I got tons of baby advice from cousin Mark's wife Jess. As a new mom, she knows what we're in for...

Sophie gave us a run for our money (literally) on Saturday. An emergency vet visit and >$200 later, we hope to have a healthy kitty again soon.

Monday night was Ryan's night out with the guys and Tuesday night was his night in with the guys (Alan and Justin came over for beef stroganoff).

I wonder if the guys are going to come around when Baby's here...I wonder if guys' nights involve babysitting...

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  1. OMG, I love that BOB- Chris would have been so happy to have a BOB for the boys- bikers are so funny!