Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week Off

Mollie and I took a week off of work to enjoy the 4th of July, get some things done around the house and take a little summer vacation to the wonderful town of Breckenridge, Co.

Over the fourth we made it to my old neighborhood to visit with friends but Dylan did not make it to the fireworks so we missed the St. Cloud fireworks show. the next morning we road the wobegon trail to Albany with Justin and Tara for a wonderful breakfast at the hilltop.

On Wednesday morning Mollie and I flew to Co. to finish up some wedding planning and take a little vacation. Aunt Nikki, Grandma Trixie and Grandpa Bob all helped us out by watching Dylan. I am not sure who had more fun Dylan or aunt Nikki.

We ended the wonderful weekend celebrating Mollie's Birthday at Mollie's uncle Ricks cabin on Saturday and eating crab legs with Rosie and Barnie on Sunday.

Nikki and Dylan
Ryan and Mollie at 12,000 ft. - Lower Mohawk Lake

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